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Creative Writing Tutoring
Creative Writing for
Advanced Learners
Classes for learners who want to  writing longer stories or attempt a novel. I'll listen to their ideas and nurture them through the process. Along the way, they'll improve their writing, imagination, focus, oral presentation skills, and ability to analyze prose.
Advanced English Tutoring
Language Arts
Learners will get assignments based upon their interests and obsessions. All assignments will focus on reading analysis, comparing and contrasting, brainstorming essay topics, and creating logical arguments. By the end of each semester, students will have improved skills  formulating research questions, and writing essays. These sessions comply with top ELA core standards, including CA & VA.  
Study Skills Tutoring
Study Skills
College is not a level playing field. Most learners have not been taught the pedagogical skills they need for academic success. I use fun topics for content your learner finds innately interesting to build study skills. Skills include:
note taking (in all media),

taking reading notes & info retention, as well as studying for tests & quizzes.

1 on 1 Private Tutoring Options for Kids and Teens
Contact me to discuss your learn's needs.
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