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Reviews, Testimonials & Student Spotlight

Writing Coaching

Our now-12-year-old daughter has been working with Leeyanne for several years now on writing and editing an epic fantasy novel.  Leeyanne is great at coaching her to find her voice, develop her characters and plot, edit, and stay focused.  They have made tremendous progress and our daughter really enjoys the time that she spends with Leeyanne every week. - KKT

Writing Coaching/Consulting

It was a dream to work with Leeyanne. She is skilled in the craft of writing, very personable, and an expert writing guide. Even though I never considered myself a writer before working with Leeyanne, her expertise, kind and witty demeanor, and years of teaching helped me tackle and ultimately finish writing a book. Leeyanne was able to motivate, encourage, and support me throughout this large project. I could not have done it without her. I highly recommend Leeyanne to anyone looking for help with their writing. - Barbie

Be Hermione! Reorganize Your Room

My daughter was hesitant at first, and not looking forward to organizing her room. Once the class started the teacher did a great job with daily assignments, and held them accountable by showing progress. My daughter's room is a completely different place, it is well organized and clean. I think she enjoyed the process and the bonus of learning about bullet journaling. I would shout the praises for this class from my rooftop if I could! - Gianna P

Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Workshop: City of Doom

My sons really enjoyed this class. They are avid readers of this genre so it was fun for them to practice writing like some of their favorite authors. - Angela W.

Art Camp!  How to Draw Comics

My son (12) enjoyed the course very much. He loves drawing, but he had never done any course. He learned a lot about the theory of drawing comics and enjoyed the feedback he got on his drawings. After the sessions he was always very inspired and went on drawing for hours!  - Julia M.

Creative Writing Class: Gothic & Spooky

Leeyanne Moore is a great teacher for this topic. She made my son feel very inspired to write and share his writings with others. - Karina P.

Unicorn Adventure: 1 Week Writing Camp for Kids

This class was amazing. Ms. Moore kept my daughter extremely engaged the entire time. Katie was excited to keep writing everyday after the class finished. I am amazed that she is still writing daily even after the class. The format was perfect and I loved that the kids were given time to share their writing each day. I saw great growth in Katie’s writing in such a short time. My daughter is excited to take another class with Ms. Moore.  - Elizabeth L.

Monsters & Dragons Creative Writing Workshop

This class was perfect for our 10 yr old daughter who is interested in science and monsters. It provided the ability to be critical thinkers and learn scientific methodology in a fun manner.   -Karl S
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