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Fiction writing coaching

Writing a book is hard! How do you stay organized with your research, your files of words, and stay accountable to helpful deadlines all at once? Here’s where I can help. Meeting with you on-line (or in person if you’re local) I can guide you through the process.  Look, when you’re writing fiction, you’re doing many, many things at one time. You’re creating plot, you’re writing compelling, witty, lively prose line by line, and working through character arcs. It’s not easy–and that’s just the first layer. We haven’t even talked about overall narrative themes. By working with me, you’ll have support to the very end of this process, when we’ll craft a brilliant query letter together or explore the initial steps of publishing. Let’s meet and try a free session this week! 


You have a passion for helping others understand the world around us in a specific way. Although researching your non-fiction book can be joyous, at what point do you stop and begin shaping the chapters? How long should each chapter be and what should your non-fiction book proposal look like? I’m here to help you through this process, guiding you through every chapter, helping you to blend facts and prose into an engaging read. 

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In a way, one might think writing a memoir is easier than writing a novel, because the material–aka your life–is all set. In fact, once you begin work on a memoir, your memories can seem almost infinite. I can help you shape your memoir, organize what to include and what to exclude. Together we can look at different memoir styles, pick the one that seems best suited to your purposes, and analyze what makes certain best selling memoirs so effective.

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Despairing about finishing your master or Ph.D thesis? Many people use therapists for support to help provide them with an understanding of the process and pitfalls they’re going through. Although I’m not a therapist, I can provide you with support wherein we’ll actually look at your thesis in progress, and custom tailor our work to suit your needs. We’ll analyze what’s getting in your way, whether it’s mental roadblocks, need for greater academic support, weekly (even daily) accountability or organizing research and files. Finish your thesis and get out into the job market years faster than you might have on your own.

"Leeyanne took my cover letter and book blurb to the next level! Sometimes, we just cannot see the forest for the trees in our own work. Leeyanne has the unique ability to synthesize the writing, distill it into its core elements and identify and relay what you have accomplished in your writing. In writing, we are taught to ask “five whys” to determine a character’s true motivation. Leeyanne pushes you to see your own fifth “why”… and you come out the other side with greater clarity about your own words. It’s a magical process." - Sofie Couch

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