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How can I help?
Master your writing goals. 
Find your most efficient process.
Pull all the elements of your writing together into a whole.
Fiction writing coaching

Some of my students want to reconnect with their creative side. Some want to write a short story collection or a novel. Getting started can feel strange and uncertain.  I know how to guide you through the process.  Let’s talk about your goals.


I’m here to help you navigate blending facts and prose into an engaging read.  After coaching you through writing a non-fiction book, I can help you navigate the publishing process: including the book proposal, researching agents, and writing a query letter.

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 Discuss what to include and what to exclude in your memoir. Learn how to shape the chapters and organize the whole. Together we can examine different memoir forms in order to analyze what makes certain best selling memoirs so effective. Find the best storytelling style suited to your purposes.

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Despairing about finishing your masters thesis or Ph.D dissertation? I’m not a therapist, but I can provide you with the practical support you need.  Together we can analyze what’s done, what needs to be done, and tackle the road blocks in your way. Do you need help organizing your research, your files, or your workspace? Do you need weekly accountability? Do you need to talk out your ideas with someone who will just listen? Do you need someone to whom you can read your thesis out loud? If you need a positive coach who can provide proactive support and help reinforce positive thoughts to get to the finish line, contact me. Invest in your future. Get out into the job market years faster than you might have on your own.

"Leeyanne took my cover letter and book blurb to the next level! Sometimes, we just cannot see the forest for the trees in our own work. Leeyanne has the unique ability to synthesize the writing, distill it into its core elements and identify and relay what you have accomplished in your writing. In writing, we are taught to ask “five whys” to determine a character’s true motivation. Leeyanne pushes you to see your own fifth “why”… and you come out the other side with greater clarity about your own words. It’s a magical process." - Sofie Couch

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