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Fostering creative genius one student at a time...

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For over twenty-five years I've nurtured children, teens, and college students, giving them individual attention to ignite their creative spark.  I believe in asking students to think for themselves. In return, I aim to provide them with fascinating classes ruled by kindness and taught in a fun way. 

I have developed a tutoring philosophy that involves listening to my students and thinking with them collaboratively so I can provide the supportive and nurturing environment they need to thrive. My individualized lesson plans and process both inspires and challenges students to push themselves. All of my long term students leave with a strong sense of mastery when it comes to their reading analysis and writing skills. 

Tutoring Options


When students are ready to try writing longer stories or even attempt writing a novel, I’m there to shepherd them through the process, teaching them key fiction skills they’ll need along the way.

Summer Camps


Calling all Percy Jackson fans! The perfect course for kids who love Monsters, Dragons, and talking about whether they could be real or fake.

Workshops and Courses

Comics Workshop.png

Easy ways to make your comics so much better. Start here to take your drawing from squiggles and stick figures to action heroes and amazing stories!



Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Camp

Lux's confidence in their writing grew exponentially thanks to Leeyanne's guidance and feedback. - Debbie R.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information. 

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