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Fall Semester Available Tutoring Times

Monday 1pm or 3pm EST

Tuesday 11am EST

Friday 3pm EST

Potential Students:  Click the Contact Me button to leave your phone number or email (or both).

Private Tutoring Options


Creative Writing for Advanced Learners

When students are ready to try writing longer stories or even attempt writing a novel, I’m there to shepherd them through the process, teaching them key fiction skills they’ll need along the way. We’ll also read fiction in similar genres to help students understand plot structure and the various arcs that go into making excellent fiction. 

Advanced English Language Arts 

For students who love reading, assignments will involve studying YA literary fiction. For those who don’t, I’ll create assignments based upon the learner’s interests. All assignments will help build key academic skills. By the end of the course, students will have better abilities at analyzing both fiction and non-fiction. They will also understand the basic building blocks involved in creating essays and term papers.

Adult Students

Academic Study Skills

College is not a level playing field. Most public schools do not take the time to teach students the pedagogical skills your learner needs for college. I use fun topics that your learner finds innately interesting as the content around which I will help your student build key academic study skills. 

My tutoring philosophy:  The students that I work with tend to be advanced learners. Almost all of them are bright, curious people as well as very good readers, practically inhaling fiction and perfectly happy absorbing interesting non-fiction. Some students are more intuitive, while others appreciate structure and close guidance. By listening to a student, and thinking with them collaboratively, I can provide the supportive and nurturing environment they need to thrive. My individualized lesson plans and process both inspires and challenges students to push themselves. All of my long term students leave with a strong sense of mastery when it comes to their reading analysis and writing skills. 


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