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Summer session packs for busy parents are back!

Updated: Jan 26

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Hi Parents!

I scratch my head each year over what to do about summer. Maintaining writing momentum and consistency towards finishing big writing projects over the summer is important. Some parents know they want to continue their learner's regular writing schedule. This works best for their family, with a few weeks off for vacations. For other parents however, scheduling is more fraught. There are away camps, sports, strings of vacations, visits from relatives, and summer day camps that have long hours.

What is a busy parent to do about scheduling ongoing writing sessions?

Knowing that many parents are starting to plan their busy summers by February, I've set up an alternative system to the regular weekly schedule for summer tutoring.

Parents can buy the summer session pack: this is a block of sixteen writing sessions. It comes with a link to a calendar where you can reserve the session time slots you want that are available and work with your learner's schedule. You will also receive a link to a google doc where I will track what sessions are scheduled, which have happened when and how many you have left.

The beauty of this system is that you don't have to block in all sixteen sessions at once. If you're unsure about plans, you can wait and block in more sessions later. It's easy for you, it works for me, and it allows your family flexibility over the summer for whatever adventures come your way.

For some parents, it's important to note that their learner can benefit from multiple sessions a week--and the summer session packet works well with this in mind. Their learners can use the time to stretch out and have either longer sessions or have M-F daily sessions for a few weeks. The ability to really focus deeply is probably the greatest challenge facing our rising generation. Letting your learner practice this skill can result in exponential progress compared to one session a week during the busy school year.

Sign up begins soon! We'll be contacting parents on our list at the beginning of February to ask if you would like a regular summer invoice for your summer session or if you would like to purchase the summer session pack. Parents who purchase a pack or pay for their summer session invoice in full by the end of March will receive one free session.

NOTE FOR NEW PARENTS: Many parents have been waiting until summer to try sessions for your learner. You can purchase a four session trial pack. This gives you a few sessions (at a discounted rate) to see if I'm a good fit with your learner. :)

Be well!


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