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Octopuses, Vikings, and Witches—Oh My! Summer camps, 2023 are posted on Outschool

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We’re caught in the chilly grip of winter, but the time to think about registering for summer

camps is here. This year there are a wide range of interesting topics for your online camper.


Be Hermione: Organize Your Room

Creative Writing workshops






I love teaching the creative writing courses – and there are so many to choose from. Here’s a run down:

Young kids: Unicorn Adventures --where children write fairy tales.

Tweens: Under the Sea --where we write underwater adventures

Gothic & Spooky – where we write about creepy settings and paranormal spookiness.

Other Stars, Other Worlds --where we create a world together, but each camper gets to create his/her/their own society.

Teens: Comics, City of Doom: we pool our ideas to build a fantastical city and then pick

characters and write from their point of view.

Gothic City –we write about mysterious events, strangers coming to a new place, and the

chilling events that happen in the gloomy night.


Camp Create! A rocket blast for your kid’s creativity, Camp Create! is 1:1 writing time

with me. In this one week camp, we’ll create a writing project for advanced tween/teen

creative writers or take one already started and build momentum to take it further.

  • It’s the perfect way to start outlining and writing a novel

  • Kids can at last get down the bulk of the idea for a novel already in their head.

  • This is a great camp for kids who need time to warm up and settle in, or for kids who lose focus with other peers around.

Bloody History: Pirates – the popular last part of my semester long Bloody History class

is going to be its own one week camp.

Bloody Medicine: Egyptians – a spin off of the ever-popular Bloody History camps!

Dentistry, trepanning, and crocodile poo—these were all big medical favorites with the

Egyptians who lived long ago. We’ll explore their many hits and a few of their misses in this one-week exciting camp for future would-be doctors.

Stay tuned here on the blog when these new camps are available.


Thanks to Michelle (my wonderful assistant) we also have a new camp page on the website.


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