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Camp Create!

Individualized 1 on 1 camp tailored to your learner!

The Four Aims of Camp Create--

1) Gain Momentum. This personalized camp offers your learner the chance to dive in and pour out multiple pages a day. Writing for a chunk of time every day builds momentum for the student, creating an exponential amount of progress in just one week.


2) Make Editing Fun.The same goes for editing. Some writers have a long project they’ve completed—but now it needs editing, which can be a drag. With your learner’s personalized camp, we can test ourselves the first day to see how much we can accomplish in one session. After that, we’ll use our first day’s completed pages as a marker to see how many pages we can edit before Friday is over. This challenge builds energy and a sense of racing the clock, along with the satisfaction of a hard project completed by the end of the week.


3) Practic Deep Focus. Some students naturally enjoy deep focus when they work on writing for a longer period of time.  In our world of cell phones and scattershot social media students have poor learning retention, so the ability to deeply focus is an incredibly valuable trait to develop.


4) Find Your Flow. Some students just take time to settle in and find their groove.

With the extended amount of time in each session, they can still have ample writing time and not get cut off mid-flow.


Camp Create is offered as a one on one 5 day camp for learners of all levels.  1.5 hours every day Monday through Friday for one week.

Write, draw, brainstorm, or edit—it’s the perfect way to build momentum to start or finish a longer fiction or comics project.

Available week and time slots are listed below. If you don’t see the week and time slot you desire, please email me and let me know. I will do my best to find a time slot that works for you and your learner. 

To register for Camp Create, use the REGISTER button below.  Please include the following information in your email:

  • Student (full name) and age

  • Parent/Guardian name, email address & telephone number

  • Camp Create time slot you wish to reserve

Available dates (all times EST):

  • BOOKED June 12 - 16 at 12pm

  • BOOKED June 19 - 23 at 12pm

  • BOOKED June 26 - 30 at 12pm

  • July 10 - 14 at 12pm

  • BOOKED July 17 - 21 at 12pm

  • BOOKED August 7 - 11 at 12pm

  • August 14 - 18 at 10am

  • BOOKED August 21 - 25 at 10am

After submitting your information you will receive a PayPal invoice for the $375 camp registration fee.  

*Registration is not complete until payment is received.

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